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Whether you need expert land grading, or require efficient earthmoving solutions, our skilled team is here to deliver top-quality results. 

We combine state-of-the-art equipment, industry expertise, and a dedication to customer satisfaction to ensure a seamless and efficient excavation process. 

Explore our comprehensive range of services and discover why R. H. Marlin Excavation is the trusted name in the excavation industry.


Site Prep

We are experienced in site preparation services including clearing & demolition, along with earthwork. We have the expertise and equipment needed to do the job right first time. 

Vac Trucks

Our vac trucks offer a safe and precise method for excavating around delicate underground structures compared to traditional mechanical digging methods. We specialize in remote vaccing solutions.


We can carry out the preparation and installation of utilities, including sanitary, storm, sewer and water, along with safe trench shoring practices.

Rental Equipment

We offer a wide selection of equipment rentals, offering state-of-the-art equipment. Browse our extensive list including backhoes, graders and vac trucks.


Along with our new fleet of hydro-vac trucks, we offer a full range of equipment available for rental

About Marlin Excavation

R. H. Marlin Excavating, LLC is a family-owned organization located in Martinsville, Indiana who specializes in Hydro-Vac excavation and earthwork. Since, our establishment in 1920 as R. H. Marlin, Inc. (parent company), R. H. Marlin has earned a solid reputation for consistent high-quality performance. Our employees provide the highest quality of service and deliver projects in a timely manner.

We have recently added a fleet of Hydro-Vac Trucks to expand our services to utility locating, potholing services and remote vac excavation.

R. H. Marlin Excavating, LLC just recently relocated to Martinsville, Indiana due to the I-69 interstate project taking away our long-time location at I-465 and Thompson Road in Indianapolis.


In 1920, Robert Hugh Marlin was given a horse and buggy as a wedding present from his mother. The Monroe County native traded the gift for a team of work horses. He then began excavating at Indiana University and other areas in Bloomington with borrowed equipment.

Two years later, Mr. Marlin expanded his excavation business to Indianapolis working on several city projects including Eli Lilly and Company.

In the early 1930’s the business had grown to a Model-T truck and thirty-two teams of horses. Over the next 10 years Mr. Marlin purchased a dragline crane and 125 dump trucks to work on Camp Atterbury and coal mines located in Indiana and Kentucky.

In 1970, Robert Hugh Marlin passed away at the age of sixty-seven, leaving behind his wife Roxie, six sons, five daughters and their spouses to continue the family business. Today, R. H. Marlin Excavating, LLC is owned by Charley F. Robertson, and Ann (Marlin) Robertson. Charley has solely owned and operated R. H. Marlin since 1995 and has grown the company to where it is today. Charley sold R. H. Marlin, Inc. to his daughter Michele (Robertson) Fox at the end of the year 2022 and continues to run R. H. Marlin Excavating, LLC today.

Standard of Bloomington Apartments - rock removal
Bloomington Trades District Parking Garage
Metamora Historic Canal Cleanup
Standard of Bloomington Apartments, underground detention
Eli Lilly Underground Detention
Standard of Bloomington Apartments

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